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A little bit about us

Peterson Family Child Care was founded by Michelle Peterson. After working for the Los Angeles Unified school district for 15 years as a Special Education Assistant, Ms. Peterson decided to open an in-home childcare facility. Knowing firsthand the struggles of being a single mother and the difficulties that families face in finding safe and top-notch quality childcare facilities within the city, she decided to create one.

In doing so she has been able to assist over 10 families, multi-generation, ethnically diverse and countless children from infant to school age. Consistently providing them an outstanding childcare and parent advocacy involving all stakeholders in the child’s development including the correct class placement, regularly conduct IEP meeting assistance for my special needs students.

At Peterson Family daycare, we believe in a holistic childcare approach incorporating art, music, play and Healthy eating options for the children. Furthermore, through collaborative efforts with other non-profit organizations and CBO we receive donated items for unhoused families, and on occasions assist with DPSS cases involving our children that were once homeless and or in the system. All while providing a nurturing and stable environment including educating and uplifting our children.

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Objectives: By providing safe affordable quality childcare, we enable parents to reenter the job market and or return to school to complete their education or learn a skill that will indeed create more jobs now and in the future.

Lack of safe and quality childcare is a barrier to full-time employment for many parents and families. Especially in communities of color with a high rate of poverty, homelessness and parents who feel disenfranchised. Peterson Family Child Care alleviates that burden many individuals and families face every day.

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Our Mission at Peterson Family Child Care is to provide optimum service to all families in need of childcare and with a focus on meeting the needs of children and families with the history of generational poverty from underserved communities, with special needs (physical and emotional), ethnically diverse and have experienced homelessness. The care we provide is home based – in a safe, clean, loving, stable, consistent, and enriching environment that inspires a Thriving learning atmosphere for all children. With a strong emphasis on supportive and open communication with the parents to access and fulfill the family’s needs now and in the future.

Our vision is for all families in our childcare community to feel loved, respected, and supported in the development of their children and their childcare needs. Our program implements a Trauma Informed care approach to assist and support children not only in education but their overall development in life.

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Goals: Seeing how many children have been turned away or separated from their siblings due to limited in-home space, Peterson Family Childcare now wishes to expand their facility that will help increase their current capacity, that will cater to all including children with special needs. Ms. Peterson further hopes to create an outdoor space for the children to play safely and enjoy. Also, to continue imprinting a positive impact in her community where she has happily been serving for over 15 yrs.

We will be expanding our team

Child care employees are responsible for encouraging, teaching and supervising children. They equip children with the tools they need to develop useful skills and grow into well-rounded individuals. If you’re interested in pursuing a career that involves children, we will have a right job for you.

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