Nursery Program (0-1 year old)

Infant Childcare:

Every mother and father want to see their child as a healthy, well-mannered, sociable person. When parents choose Peterson Family Childcare because of several reasons:
• proper care of qualified personnel and educators in love with children since their first days.
• specially created play areas for crawling, learning to walk, and improving motor skills.
• healthy food and diapers included.
• small groups up to eight kids for socialization and communication.
• various creative activities and learning through play during a full day.
• close cooperation with parents and detailed information about the daily schedule
• flexible working hours and a payment system.

We provide comfortable conditions that allow you to enroll children from the first week of life to one year old. Infants study in small groups so everybody gets enough attention and care. They can stay in the nursery for a full day, and you have no doubts your baby is safe!

If you worry about the newborn childcare cost near me, consider our Universal program. It allows you to attend the childcare for the city-covered cost. Contact our managers to find out more!
Infant classroom

In our childcare, we try to prepare children not only for school but for life in society. We give them freedom and teach them to get along with each other from an early age. The environment for infants is vital in this process. So, we pay attention to all the details around your baby.

1. The furniture is made of comfortable, durable, and eco-friendly materials to keep infants safe.
2. We equip the playroom with all kinds of attractions to train babies’ intelligence.

Infant’s day
When you come to the nursery, the first question is usually connected to the schedule. Of course, it is a decisive point when choosing an infant Childcare. We will try to clarify things!

In the nursery, caregivers are very attentive to proper nutrition programs. Having meals becomes a superb ritual that makes your baby satisfied and happy.

Sleeping and relaxing
The daily rhythm of infants includes having a rest. It is the time when each of us wants to be a baby. Our professionals pay special attention because sleep is everything at this age. If we want a baby to grow strong and ready to study, we should follow our exceptional sleeping rules.

Play and learn
The staff works with our unique program for entertainment and education. The infants can get the basic knowledge and skills and feel engaged in the process. Our caregivers can organize a potty train if needed and it is not a big problem!

Infant curriculum
Peterson Family Childcare is an environment for a child to grow and develop with attention and professional care, studying according to unique programs.

The child has just been born but in a few months, his motor skills will reach a high level of development. Learning with us, your baby will surely please parents with achievements. By their first birthday, the infant will be able to:

• control the movements of the hands and legs.
• change body positions and crawl.
• walk and then run and jump.
• play with toys and distinguish them.
• communicate and interact with other children.
• talk a little and create new words!

We carefully control the development of the baby in the first year of life together with parents. Our caregivers have the same desire to see the first steps and smile of every baby. We will support you and tell you everything about all new skills that are signals about the growth of the child.

Our advice is to arrange your baby’s routine at home in such a way that he feels more comfortable in the Childcare facility. Preparing for this period and following the schedule makes the adaptation process easier.

Classroom activities

In the first year of life, babies learn fundamental things like interaction with the world and sharing emotions.

When you feel confused about what to do with an infant who is very energetic, we designed some funny and useful activities!

• Babies are playing with different toys while learning movements! It provides the development of logic and intuition.
• Infants enjoy playing with mazes and blocks. When kids are interested in the difficulties, they practice problem-solving skills.
• We repeat the names of everybody thus improving memory and reactions! The caregivers are talking with a baby like an adult and teach to express emotions.